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  • If you are coming to us to correct color from a service done at another salon or are interested in drastically changing your color…

    #1 — Schedule a consultation! We can schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with a stylist so we can determine how to best approach the color correction and book appropriately.

    #2 — Bring to your consultation: Pictures of what you want to do to your hair and an honest list of your color history. Anything that you have put on your hair, whether it is sun in, a shine treatment, a box color from the store, smoothing/straightening/perming/Brazillian Smoothers, etc. It is all part of your color history and your stylist needs to know! Previous treatments can have an affect on color even if it was years ago! Also, if you are pregnant, always let your stylist know right away if you get any kind of chemical services.

    #3 — Ask lots of questions and make sure your stylist gives you a few different options to choose from. Some options might get you very close to your results in one day and other options might take more time but over the long run be less damaging. They may also be able to give you options that will get you close to what you are looking for through highlights or lowlights that won’t require much correcting and will be less costly and less time consuming. Ask them to write down your different options if you are feeling overwhelmed with information overload.

    #4 — Get price quotes (keep in mind these are usually just general quotes, the stylist never really knows until they are performing the service how much color will be required) and an approximate time of how long you should expect to be at the salon that day. Some color corrections can take 6 hours or more! So be prepared (and bring a snack!).

    Color Corrections and Color Changes require a $50 deposit to hold the appointments per our 48 hour cancellation policy. We will request this payment at the time of booking.

    ** Recolor or Recut **
    If you have had a color service done with us and are not satisfied, please let us know! We ask that you notify us within 2 weeks of your original color appointment. If you would allow us, we’d like to give your stylist another chance to get your desired color! If you notify us of a miscolor within 2 weeks of the original appointment and your color is not what we promised you, we will provide a complimentary recolor service to get you to your goal.

    If you change your mind following your initial color service, then it is not a recolor. We can help you achieve your newly desired look, but at regular cost.