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  • Hairtalk is a highly innovative hair extension line that provides a beautiful and natural look without damage to your hair or hours of your time spent at the salon.

    Salon L. is leading the way in Philadelphia with Hairtalk Extensions. This method uses 100% human hair and doesn’t involve glue, beads, wefts, braiding or weaving. These hair extensions have been created to stay in and protect the hair. They are also easily removable with the proper solutions and have minimal to no damage on hair.

    Hairtalk is the most comfortable and undetectable extensions on the market. With proper at home care there is no matting, frizzing or tangling, and they are much more affordable than most extensions.

    Whether you are looking for a boost of youth and vibrancy by adding volume, or you desire an entirely new star quality look by adding several inches of length, our extensions are the perfect solution.

    Salon L. has stylists who have trained extensively and are specialists in Hairtalk Hair Extensions. They will consult with you to help you decide on the best style and solution for your hair.   


    Cost of Hair, ranges depending on length and amount of bundles. Application starts at $250 for initial and each application after.

    ***(Reapplication includes removing, cleaning, re-gluing and re-applying extensions) **Application of hair can cost more due to the thickness and length of original hair and number of packs applied. *(based on length/per pack). Extensions can be used up to three times. Below is a list of frequently asked questions…

    Where does the hair come from? Is it human hair?

    Hairtalk Extensions are 100% cuticle on remy human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is all placed facing the same direction. Benefits to this are minimal to no matting and tangling.

    How long do the extensions last?

    The extensions last 8-10 weeks depending on your hair growth and climate. They can be reapplied up to 3 times.

    Can you color it?

    Yes. There are 20 colors that can be blended to create up to 400 different shades.

    Can you iron, curl or blow dry the hair?

    All of these heat processes are okay; however, it is not advised to sit under a dryer with Hair Talk or to isolate or concentrate any heat methods on the area with the tape tabs. The exception to this is Fantasy Colors, which can fade with too high heat application.

    What products can be used in the hair?

    You can use almost any products that you like and your stylist will recommend the best products to care for your new hair. Products to avoid are any products that contain alcohol, oil or ethanol. In addition, heavy conditioners should not be applied to the scalp or tape tabs.

    Can roots be retouched while the extensions are in the hair?

    Yes, but we highly recommended that any root touchups be performed by a salon professional to ensure that the extensions are not harmed in the coloring process.

    How soon can I have my extensions?

    All our extensions are custom matched for color and length by our certified stylists and are therefore unavailable on the same day as your consultation. Following your complimentary consultation for matching we will take a deposit to order your hair and schedule your service. Please note that we quote a minimum of 7 days for hair to come in to ensure we get the best, most natural match for you!