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  • Reshape your brows with our Real Brows procedure (also known as Microblading). The Real Brows Method is an innovative new technique designed for drawing ultra thin 3D hair strokes about 1mm under the skin’s surface, using a specially designed tool and all natural pigment. The Real Brows procedure will fill in sparse brows or create an entirely new brow! Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, the Real Brows Method won’t leave a flat dull look and is a much safer treatment.

    This is the perfect procedure for men and women seeking to improve the look of their brows. Real Brows® lasts 6 months to 2 years without leaving a shadow behind. To maintain Real Brows®, touch-ups are necessary once or twice a year.

    Your initial appointment will cost $600, and you will get a complimentary touch-up 4-5 weeks after the first appointment. A deposit of $75 is required to hold your appointment. The cancellation policy for this appointment is 72 hours. Regular touch-ups done at your discretion start at $250.

    Ashley, Christa and Annie are all certified technicians in the art of Microblading.

    Microblading Aftercare — 7 Days of Healing

    • It is important for you to not get your brows wet during the healing process (7 days)
    • Apply a thin coat of A&D Ointment on the first day after your procedure. For the following 6 days, please apply a thin coat of Aquaphor or Acure. Apply ointment each morning and night. For best results apply with freshly washed hands or a sanitary wooden spatula (provided by the technician).
    • Do not use any retinol or exfoliant on your face.
    • Do not pick at scabs.
    • Avoid wearing excessive make-up for the first week.
    • Do not work out or participate in any activity that could make you sweat.
    • Avoid the sun. You can use a hat to protect you from the sun if you are outside for a long period of time.
    • Do not sleep on your face. Try to sleep on your side or back.
    • After the procedure is completely healed, you may go back to your regular cleansing and makeup routine. Avoid scrubbing the area. Use sunblock after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading.
    • Failure to follow aftercare instructions may result in infection, pigment loss or discoloration.